Sunday Coffee & Blog Hop #4

Morning, bookworms and non-bookish people! Que pasa?

I’m back from Malaga, but just considering the weather for most of the week, it’s almost like I’m still there. Of course we don’t have a beach here in London, and I miss the lovely marina too where we sat and watched many sunsets (ok, fine, two…) with a cocktail. That said, the middle of July was possibly the worst time to visit. The beach was a proper bloodbath, and unless you got there by 11 am, well, good luck finding a bed and umbrella. We somehow made it, but it involved a lot of trekking in the hot sand and being sent from place to place. No bueno!

I also wasn’t impressed with the coffee there. This was my third visit, so it’s not like I didn’t know what to expect, but still. Hotel coffee tasting like sweat? Harsh! I didn’t have much more luck in cafes either unfortunately. I tried ordering single espresso, double espresso, americano, but they all pretty much looked and tasted the same, just came in different cups.

My face after some sweat coffee… yumm…

I gave up after two days and just went to Starbucks. There’s also a Costa, so the situation is not completely hopeless!

Now I’m back with my lovely coffee though, and I must say, I’m totally obsessed with this stuff called Beanies. I’m sipping on the Chocolate Orange flavour one right now, and damn, it’s some good shit!

But enough of me, let’s see what some of my fellow bloggers were up to lately!

The ever organised Kaleena shared an awesome tool to track her reading progress, and damn, it’s useful. I love a good spreadsheet like the next guy, but I always have trouble setting them up… and remembering to look at them. But this? This is already set, you just have to fill it with your own stuff and you are good to go!

Not quite what you were looking for? Maybe try Marie’s version.

Dan shared five reasons just why you would want to share other people’s stuff with your blog friends. It’s brilliant! Why it works? Honestly, I have no bloody clue, but it does!

Who is considered a proper reader? Is your opinion about a book valid, if you only read two books a year? Well, of course it is, I say. But don’t take my word for it, check out the discussion on Kelly’s blog.

Whether we admit it or not, we love learning little tidbits about people around us. Head over to Book Beach Bunny, to find out her deepest, darkest blogging secrets!

As readers we might have different tastes and we prefer different writing styles. What doesn’t work for some, might work for me. Negative reviews are great, and not once they actually made me interested in a book. Danielle is on a similar opinion, but she also has some other great points on why negative reviews are actually cool.

In a similar vein Dani also listed some reasons why she might not like a certain book. Unpopular opinions? I don’t think so! We all have preferences.

Books are not only a good way to escape reality and entertain us, but they can also inspire us in multiple ways. Malanie summed up this experience like a boss!

Well, that’s it for today!

Until next time!



  1. Lovely picture of you anyway !

    oh noo.. sad to hear your vacation wasn’t that great..
    I so miss the sea too. Where I come from there’s like 3different beaches, granted im not a beach person, we got NONE here (only 3hours down the province) – only ones are 1-2 hours away and plus the water’s not all that good so erh :/

    I’ll hop on reading some of the links you included pronto !

    Liked by 1 person

    • I have some abandoned spreadsheets too… don’t even remember what i meant to do with them because they are not very helpful… πŸ˜€

      I love choco-orange in drinks, food… haven’t come across ice cream in this flavour yet.


  2. So how was Malaga apart from the crowded beaches and bad coffee? I hope you enjoyed the other stuff πŸ˜€

    Thanks for sharing all these posts. Hadn’t read any of them so off to visit the blogs now πŸ™‚

    Liked by 1 person

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