Oh, That Book? No, Thank You, Or Books I’ll Probably Never Read Tag

I know I’m always going on and on about books I want to read, and there are plenty of those. My wish list has over 500 books, and I’m pretty sure there are some I just simply forgot to add.

I never actually talked about books I don’t want to read though.
Marina @Books of Magic however tagged me to do just that.

A Really Hyped Book You’re Not Interested in Reading?

Pretty much all the books with mermaids and other sea-creature-people. I just don’t find the topic intriguing at all! My mermaid phase pretty much ended with Arielle at the age of 6. Sorry, mermaid fans!

A Series You Won’t Start/Won’t Be Finishing?

I think everyone and their mother knows by now that I have zero interest in the Harry Potter series. I also have no intention to read the Infernal Devices. Neither fantasy nor paranormal are my jam. Add a sprinkle of romance, some vampires, a touch of historical fiction, and I’m out!

The covers are gorgeous though!

A Classic That You’re Just Not Interested In?

Most of them?!? No, but for realz. I’ve read my fair share of Jane Austens and enjoy the occasional classic dystopian books, and I think I will eventually read Jane Eyere, but I just don’t often feel like reading classics.

Any Genres You’ve Never Read?

Romance. I just can’t… I feel like they are setting kind of unrealistic expectations of what a relationship should look like. Same goes for erotica. I’m not a prude, but I literally don’t need a detailed description about the mechanics of sex.

I’d love to see the books Inge, Diana, Annemieke, Emma and Ayunda will never read.



  1. Completely with you on the Cassandra Clare stuff, but that’s also because I’ve read the first book and it was so poorly written. I honestly do not get the hype. It’s corny, the characters are predictable….I could go on. Romance + vampires and I’m pretty much out too!

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    • Oh, good then 😀
      I saw a video about her other series where they were talking about character development and plot points, etc and it just didn’t sound like anything i’d enjoy at all.


  2. Fun tag to do! If I wrote it, I’d probably write exactly the same except the classics. I couldn’t do without my lovely classics. Maybe I’d add Darker shade of magic trilody to series I’ll never read. Great post 😘

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  3. Sounds like a super fun tag to do, thanks for nominating me, Norrie 🙂 I definitely know what you mean about romance novels, though I did have a phase where I’d devour all the Nicholas Sparks books my mom has on her shelf :”)

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    • I think it’s a personality thing as well.
      Not so much the books, but the romantic movies used to confuse me. I remember i was 16 and watched a movie with my mum and it was about this couple and their relationship that was very dramatic and so emotional and a lot of “suffering” and i told my mum i must be doing something wrong cuz my love live is pretty chill. And for a long time i kept searching for dudes who would give me similar feelings, but then i realised it’s prolly better if they don’t. (Classic)

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  4. Thanks for tagging me. This is such a fun tag and I agree with you on all these. My mermaid phase also ended with Ariel. I am yet to read HP and Infernal Devices appeals to me, not. I also have a terrible relationship with classics, not interested in them. Romance, maybe but erotica haha never ever. I enjoyed reading your answers Norrie!

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    • ❤ Can't wait to see your spin if you decide to do it 🙂
      I think i just emotionally can't handle the romance cuz these books tend to be very dramatic and real life is more chill usually so the stories used to make me wonder if i'm doing something wrong :/


  5. I’m with you on all of these except the romance if it’s done well. There are certain type of books that have that perfect love and I love to dream of it :-). Mermaids,it’s so out of my league that I wouldn’t even think of it myself :-). Thanks for tagging me Norrie.. I’ll have to think hard to come up with different answers now though 😉

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    • I think i wouldn’t mind the realistic romance stuff. Like i read books that are let’s say adventure, and characters fall in love, but the focus of the story is not the emotional turmoil and all that suffering and whatnot. I can handle this type 😀

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  6. This is a great list, Norrie! I have a few of these in common, but you already know I have some classics I love, and I do have one mermaid book to read (though she’s supposed to be in the background in The Mermaid and Mrs. Hancock! 😂). I am TRYING to give romance another chance, but it isn’t always a good fit for me and I definitely do not like erotica. This was fun to read, as always!

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  7. Loved reading your responses, even those where our opinions differ as I like getting different perspectives. I burned out on PNR a few years ago but have a couple series I’m still hooked on. The mermaid stuff just escapes me. I love most genres, though, but stayed away from romance for years until a new bumper crop of writers emerged who pen some really provocative stories. Sort of burning out on erotica these days but still can appreciate a good one.

    Great tag! It’s an interesting twist for a change.

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    • It’s nice when some authors kinda refresh a genre!
      I think the whole romance thing for me personally doesn’t appeal because of how it’s usually portrayed with whirlwind emotions and a lot of hurdles and i find reading those kinda stressful. I used to think my relationships are not working cuz there were never overly dramatic moments like that. I was pretty young though and my mum kept telling me i should be happy about it 😀

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  8. Hahaha my mermaid phase started with Ariel, and it’s still in full motion. xD I actually really want to read all three books you’ve listed for that, but I totally get you for not liking them, I dislike zombies and warevolves. 😀 The only point we agree on 100% is romance, especially what you said about erotica haha, great post! 🙂

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  9. emmareadstoomuch

    omggg this post is my dream. thank you for tagging me!!!

    also i am oBSESSED with you for just not being interested in Harry Potter. you’re not missing THAT much. & i read The Infernal Devices but that is the only cassie clare series i’m ever going to finish tbh.

    & i totally agree about erotica??? not a prude, but i have never once read a sex scene that wasn’t the grossest/strangest/most ridiculous passage in the history of time. pretty sure it’s just impossible to write in a non-cringe-y way.

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  10. OMG! You and I both, Twin. I’m sure there are plenty of us who couldn’t care less about the so called classics, don’t want to read books aimed at a 5 year old. And series? Sorry, I just don’t have the time to waste, let alone care.

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  11. I’m not really into mermaid stuff either. I hated The Little Mermaid! And I’ll probably never read The Shape of Water because I’ve seen the movie. It’s hard to feel motivated to read something after seeing the movie unless I’m SUPER into it and need to absorb it in all its forms.

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  12. Love your responses and the GIFS 🙂 I’m like that with classics although I want to read a couple of them as an adult to see what I think of them now. I read Frankenstein and Dracula in high school and I want to see if my thoughts changed. I also want to read Jane Eyre as well!

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  13. Hehe, I’m completely the opposite of you for the first one. I’m like give me all the mermaids 😛 Chuck ’em my way. I can do romance but it’s not my immediate go to, I think it depends on whether it ‘clicks’ or not for me and whether I like the characters. I’ve not read anything by Cassandra Clare and though they are the type of books that usually appeal to me there’s something about them that’s just… not. I don’t know why though.

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  14. This is such a fun tag. I read the first three books in the Mortal Instruments series, but then I lost interest. Too many books set on the same universe and different timelines that affect the future and those freaking love triangles. I may change my mind one day (never say never) but I don’t think I’ll ever read the Infernal Devices series too.

    Happy readings! 😉
    Tânia @MyLovelySecret

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  15. Fun post/tag! 🙂
    Haha I’m with ya on the romance novels. I just can’t do it. Same with erotica. I’m also not a prude, but it just always kind of comes across as cheesy to me when I read most sex scenes in books. 😛

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  16. That’s a fun tag! And though I’m really intrigued by mermaids and sirens I don’t tend to like the books. I like my mermaids dark and twisted and I haven’t found a book about them that I fell in love with. So nowadays I don’t really reach for them.

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  17. first of all, I just literally had to scroll about a century through the very impressive comment thread to get to the end and have my say 😀 hahaha, what fantastic feedback this post garnered!
    And secondly- I am so excited because I rarely come across people who have no interets in Harry potter because neither do I! it’s like- wow, one more person here *waves hands* we’re not all HP megafans! hahaha…

    I love that you’re so honest about why you won’t read some books or genres and it really shows you simply know your taste inside and out! *thumbs up*


    • * waves back * 🙂
      I don’t think anyone should be ashamed of not reading something, or reading something. I just feel like it helps clear the air 😀 Like you know, if i tell someone i don’t read X at least they won’t recommend me stuff that is similar. Saves a lot of time 🙂


  18. I’m with you on the romance novels and explicit sex scenes, though there have been a few books for which the latter is tolerable because the series itself is amazing (Outlander is the only series that has met this exception thus far – and it’s not romance, it’s genre-bending). It isn’t a prudish or snobbery thing, I just don’t enjoy it. Another no-go for me is Christian fiction. Just not my cup of tea.

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    • Oh yea, i wouldn’t read Christian fiction either. Not even sure what they really are. I kinda imagine they are all romance, but i guess there’s more to it 😀
      I had some naturalistic scenes in some Wilbur Smith books that were kinda steamy, but he never went overboard, and it kinda fit the story so i was fine 😀

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  21. Omg, GIRL! This! * giving you high fives * I can even agree with you to some degree on the romance genre.Eventhough I do prefer to read romances ( because I´m a hopeless and helpless schmuck ) I do believe that 70% of them deliver a wrong picture of what relationships actually are. Compared to many romance novels, we´re all enjoying a flipping boring love life. And the bed sports- They´re mostly amusing than anything else. If they were realistic then we´d all probably have our second hip replacements by now. About the Mermaids… The books you´ve showed, I couldn´t. The reviews for those were painful to write ( painful because I had to hold back ) Cassandra Clare is an author who´s writing I can´t stomach. I don´t know why. I´ve tried so many times because people keep raving about how awesome her stories are. You´re right, though. Those covers are something pretty. ❤ Classics- Same.

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    • 😀 Most of my ideas about relationships (i think) came from romantic movies i’ve seen throughout the years. And i kept thinking i’m doing something wrong.

      Never read Cassandra Clare, but i just know it’s not for me. I saw a youtube video analyzing some book she wrote and it made me cringe. :/

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      • That´s because you´re really doing something wrong. We all are. Lol. We´re not dramatic enough. Not poor or rich enough. We don´t hate or love our jobs like they do in movies…. LMAO. We´re boring, you, me and the rest of the flipping world.

        Ooooooh, There are so MANY cringe worthy reviews out there for Cassandra Clare´s books. I even have one bookmarked because it´s a piece of a genius review.

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